Day of birth: 11.7.77
Instrument: No instrument (unfortunately)
Hobbies: Conversation, stamps, ...
Nicknames: Hagi (by Stevi)
Favourite CDs of all time:
Candlemass "Nightfall"
Resurrection "Embalmed Existence"
Necrophagist "Onset Of Putrefaction"
Pets: All other members of Logar's Diary
Favourite Metal song: right now (in September 2003) "Seance - Rebirth"
Metal activities: Banging till centrifuge trauma ...
Favourite food: Döner Kebab
Favourite book:
E.T.A. Hoffmann (complete edition)
Favourite sex position: Floating Priest
Why do the others love me:
Because parents always love their children
Why do the others hate me:
Because their parents don't
I have no secrets
Some own words: